About Us

We, Vivienne & Tim Paramore, farm 810 acres of which the olive grove is 8 acres.

We produce an Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which is cold pressed and estate bottled at "Woodburn Olives". Our olive oil is a medium oil, neither sweet nor particularly robust, but with a slight peppery back taste.

This is the one oil you should have in your kitchen as it can be used for everything from barbecue to dipping.

We try to be as sustainable as possible in the grove, using good agronomic practices to maintain soil moisture and fertility. We have no water for irrigation, so the olives are grown on rainfall only.

We mulch all our prunings and place the mulch back on the trees. We green manure what we grow between the rows, which is nitrogen rich, being a clover mix.

Tim and Vivienne

Woodburn Olives
Walla West Road
Walla Walla
N.S.W 2659

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